Summer – Country Farm – Barn Wedding – Tipapa Woolshed – Venue – Greta Valley – Jamie | Rachel

Tipapa Woolshep Wedding; Driving up top Greta Valley from Woodend, Christchurch on the morning of Jamie and Rachel’s wedding, the air was cool and the sun slowly making it way over the Waipara vine covered hills. The light had a warm ambience to it, and there were not much traffic on the road.

Tipapa Woolshep Wedding-detail photo for Jamie and Rachel

The weather forecast was predicting a cloud covered early afternoon, and it did not disappoint. The day finished pretty much the way it had started. Great!!

Bride Getting Ready – Tipapa Woolshed Venue Cottage

We’ve been lucky enough to photograph another wedding at the Tipapa Woolshed before, so it was so nice to be back again. Rachel and her girls got ready on site at the cottage; it was the perfect spot. It has its private garden out the back, so plenty of privacy but also gave them the ability to get sneak peaks of the guests as they arrived. The girls were relaxed, and as usual, the bubbles always help with that.

Tipapa Woolshep Wedding-bride getting ready, wedding dress, with mum and dad Bride with dad at Tipapa Woolshed Wedding Venue by Pip and Oz WeddingPhotography

Groom Getting Ready – Tipapa Woolshed Homestead

The boys had a nice relaxing start to the morning. They had already been out playing a round of golf before they also came to the Tipapa homestead to get dressed and ready to go. The boys got ready in one of the bedrooms in the main house. The main house at Tipapa Woolshed is a double story character mansion with large rooms you could play a game of soccer. Jamie was a bit nervous, but his boys helped with getting him relaxed.

Tipapa Woolshep Wedding groom kissing mother on the cheek

Ceremony – Tipapa Woolshed Wedding Venue – Greta Valley

Jamie and Rachel had chosen a spot on the property a little out of the ordinary, (but them down to a tee) for the ceremony. We all made our way to the top of the hill out the back of the woolshed.

Tipapa Woolshep Wedding ceremony at the to of the hill top

Jamie and Rach are very outdoorsy people, and it was their ultimate dream getting married on top of a hill or in and amongst the mountains, and it ended up being on a hill top, and the weather played its part in allowing them to do just that. Tipapa Woolshed is located at the base of a hill and from the top of the hill are incredible 360-degree views. It was a beautifully heartfelt ceremony that even brought a tear to my eye, thanks to their excellent celebrant David Adams who went to great lengths to making the service as personal to the bride and groom as he could.

I truly love my job and being part of a moment in people’s lives that is so important and will be remembered forever. The clouds rolled in at the perfect time during the ceremony and gave us some shade and incredible lighting for the family photographs.

Tipapa Woolshep Wedding-Bridal party toast at the top of the hill top Tipapa Woolshep Wedding Bridal party drinking wine shot through long dry grass Tipapa Woolshep Wedding bride and groom holding hands

After some group photos and taking advantage of the views, we got to spend some time with the bridal party up on top of another hill and down at the woolshed before Jamie and Rach got to spend some time with their guests enjoying the fantastic sunny weather. Tipapa Woolshed has vast garden space for people to relax and play lawn games or just sit and talk with some music playing in the background.

Tipapa Woolshep Wedding-bride with groom and groom with groomsmen Tipapa Woolshep Wedding-Night photos of the bride and groom

Wedding Reception in the Woolshed Barn

The reception was in the woolshed. I don’t think it matters how many times you come to this place, Tipapa Woolshed is always spectacular and John (the lovely owner) and his team do such a great job at maintaining it. I really can’t get enough of weddings; we got to listen to some incredible speeches. As much as I’m concentrating on taking photos I love listening to speeches – you learn so much about a couple and can feel the love in the room.Tipapa Woolshep Wedding-first dance of the bride and groom

We finished off our night at Tipapa Woolshed with some playful photos in the dark of the night by one of the many beautifully rustic farm buildings and all in all another great wedding at a fantastic country style location. Hugs and kisses as we said our goodbye and left Tipapa to head back to Christchurch.


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