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The Gym Art Centre Wedding Venue –  Christchurch  

The Gym Art Centre Wedding Venue situated in the heart of the Christchurch Art Centre. Having been closed for a few years due Earth Quake damage the building suffered during the February 2011 Christchurch Earth Quakes, The GYM Art Centre Wedding Venue us now open for business. The building has been Earth Quake strengthened and restored to a rustic old looking GYM which comes to life when all the decorating touch up are put in place. 

The GYM gets its name from its former use as a Gymnasium for the Christchurch Boys High.

The GYM is home to the Free Theatre Christchurch company providing, a hight quality Arts Education Programme. All the other times the GYM has used a space to holding a range of functions of which one of them are weddings.

The GYM is a Christchurch Historic Building with magnificent interiors which the team at The GYM will help you to customise for your wedding event. The venue comes with accommodating catering options, and you get to choose the caterer of your choice to bring. Some off-street parking is available. 

Detail shots of the Gym Art Centre Wedding Venue in Christchurch setup

The Gym Art Centre Wedding Venue is an ideal inner city venue for your wedding reception. Its location gives you wedding ceremony options which can be within walking distance to The GYM. There are also numerous B&Bs, Motels, Hotels and other types of accommodation which the bride, groom and their travelling guests can book still wishing walking distance. You could have a car free wedding if you chose to.

Wedding Photography Locations – The Gym

The choices you decide to go with will depend on your taste. 

In and around the Art Centre itself are spots that will look stunning in your wedding photos.

A few minutes to the east of The GYM you start running into building backdrops and backgrounds. For the derelict lovers, there are building being demolished to put in the background. For the modern architecture fans, there are a lot of new modern building coming up. These new buildings come with some features on them that will look spectacular as backdrops in your wedding photographs.

Still in and around the area close to the Art Centre is the Christchurch Avon river. The Avon river has been undergoing some developments to encourage and enable people to lounge and picnic along the edges of the river. These new features provide beautiful space for photographic purposes and are worth a visit to check out. The areas also give you that mix between the city looks blended with an outdoorsy feel.

There are endless options when it comes to a location for having your wedding photos taken.

To the east side of The Gym Art Centre Wedding Venue only 2 minutes walk away, is the Christchurch Hagley Park. The park is a very popular location for wedding couples on their wedding day. Whether you are getting married in the City Centre of Christchurch or the outskirts of it, the Park is almost a must to visit for your wedding photos.

Not only does its offer the unlimited number and styles of mother nature’s beautifully stunning backdrops but also give shelter on those hot, cold or windy days. If you haven’t considered having your wedding or even engagement photos photographed in the park, you need to pay the park a visit.

So with all the fantastic options that come with The Gym Art Centre Wedding Venue, why would you not choose it or even consider it as the venue for your upcoming wedding?

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