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Summer Garden Wedding – Flaxmere Garden – Venue – Mark and Abby

Flaxmere Garden Wedding ; The day promised to be a cracker of a day from the get go. The cool evening temperatures didn’t take long to be replaced by the warm summer weather. The strong winds from the day before had died down, and everything looked set to be smooth sailing on the particular day of Mark and Abby’s wedding.

The Girls Getting Ready – Casebrook – Christchurch

Abby and her girls got ready at her parent’s house in Casebrook, Christchurch. The house was a buzz of excitement all morning, with the family around as well. Mark gave Abby a gorgeous necklace that she ended up wearing on the day. She was presented with the necklace chain while having her makeup done and it was such a sweet surprise.

Flaxmere Garden Wedding-Bride and sister getting ready at bride's parents home Flaxmere Garden Wedding photo-Bride in front of the bridesmaids photo

Flaxmere Garden Wedding Venue-bridesmaids and flower girls all dressed

The Boys Getting Ready – Shirley

I left the girls in Oz’s capable hands while I headed around to Mark’s parent’s place to see the boys. These guys had put a lot of small details in place. All the men, not only in the bridal party but both dads also had cute socks to wear on the day. Each of the groomsmen got an amazing wooden boxed with their names carved on them. Inside each one was a small bottle of whisky, bottle opener and a pair of cufflinks, each engraved with their initials and the date. What a way to kick off a memorable celebration.

Flaxmere Garden Wedding Photos of gifts given to the groomsmen by the groom

The Girls getting ready cont

I got back to the girls just in time for Abby to get into her dress. It was so easy to see the love in the room and especially how much Dad loves his little girl. Once everyone was all ready, we started our journey out to Flaxmere Gardens.

The Ceremony and Reception – Flaxmere Garden Wedding Venue – Hawarden – North Canterbury

Abby and Mark were a bit worried about the weather a couple of days leading up to the wedding. When they had been setting up Flaxmere Garden Wedding Venue the day before the wedding the wind had been strong. It stopped them being able to do everything prior, but with the help of friends and family, they set the rest up on the morning of the wedding.

Flaxmere Garden Wedding-bride and groom kissing during the ceremony Bride and groom walk out at the end of the ceremony at Flaxmere Garden Wedding Venue

The day of the wedding was just incredible, though, hardly a breath of wind. Abby arrived at Flaxmere Garden with her parents and girls, and both parents had the honour of walking Abby down the aisle that lined with love hearts on sticks.

Mark has Scottish blood in him so during the ceremony they did a Quaich ceremony, used as a symbol of love and trust between a couple. I found some excellent information; you may read more about the Quaich Ceremony. After the ceremony, we did some group photos with an incredible background of the Southern Alps.

While the guests moved over to the pool area for some drinks and nibbles, we took the bridal party around Flaxmere Gardens itself for some bridal party photographs.

Flaxmere Garden Wedding Venue is a photographers dream location; there was everything under the sun to work with. There was a swing attached to a tree, open green lawn, little walkways in amongst trees, ponds with bridges; it seemed like if you could think of it, this place had it.
So with all of that and easy going bridal party, we had the best time. Once we finished, we all went back and joined the guests for a garden party.

Flaxmere Garden Wedding Venue-Bridal party pose for photos by the pool Groom and groomsmen pose for a photo while siting on chairs with bride standing behind the groom

Bridal car photos on the lawn at Flaxmere Garden Wedding Venue in Hawarden Bride and groom on a pond bridge at Flaxmere Garden Wedding Venue

Abby and Mark had planned their day in a less than the traditional way, but it worked so perfectly for the venue and them. They had all their guests at the afternoon garden party where they had all the speeches, cutting of the cake and first dance around the pool area – all that was done early, so they had heaps of time to spend with their family and friends relaxing.
A bit later on the majority of the guests left and close family went to the barn for dinner.

Groom in a red and black kilt with his sisters at wedding venue

We did have the best time with Mark and Abby on the wedding day, and also the families as well. Flaxmere Gardens is truly a venue to consider for a country feel garden wedding.

bride and groom by a farm gate at Flaxmere Garden Wedding Venue in North Canterbury

Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Dress – Davis Bridal
Cake – Cakes by Raewyn
Pip and Oz Photography – Wedding Photographers Christchurch
Hair Styling – Michelle from Hush Hairdressing
Makeup artist – Kate from Primed Beauty