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Christchurch Central Wedding – The Gym Art Centre – Venue – Aaron | Sarah  

The Gym Art Centre Wedding; This wedding was a Christchurch wedding because everything was happening in the Christchurch city centre. The Wedding ceremony, the Reception and even the bridal party photographs.

The Bride Getting Ready – Burnside

I (Pip) went to high school with Sarah, so it’s always a fun time catching up again and seeing some familiar faces. The wedding was the 6th we have done of girls from my old school. We have loved every single one of them.

Sarah and her Bridesmaids (i went to school with all the bridesmaids too) got ready at her place in Burnside.

The Gym Art Centre Wedding-Bride and bridesmaids toasting

When we arrived, things were in full swing. The girls were getting their hair and makeup done.

The were bubbles flowing, and of course, the old school music was pumping in the background. It almost felt like a karaoke joint :). I left the girls with the tunes pumping to visit the boys leaving Oz to look after the girls.

The Groom Getting Ready – Bishopdale

I arrived at Aaron’s parent’s place, things were in full swing here too, and it was all gone. Mum and his sister were getting their hair done.

The Gym Art Centre Wedding-Groom poses for a photo with his grandfather

To calm the nerves before getting their suits on the boys had a quick beer and cigar.

I learnt today where Aaron gets his dislike for photos from – Mum and Dad also don’t like photos, but like Aaron, it doesn’t come across that way in the photographs.

The Bride Getting Ready Continues

Aaron’s Mum had sent me back to Sarah with a single red rose and a message to say they were thinking of her, what a sweet lady.

I got back to the girls just in time for Sarah to get into her dress. The bridesmaids were already in their dresses and looked amazing. I love the idea of all of them having the same colour dresses but different styles, everyone had a style that suited them, and love that Sarah wanted her bridesmaids to feel comfy in their dresses.

After the girls helped Sarah get into her dress and the only word I could think of was WOW! The girls were ready nice and early meaning there has some time for photos and as well as time to sit down and relax, but instead they used that for some warm-up dancing for later.

The Gym Art Centre Wedding-bride's closeups and mother of the bride kissing her on cheek The Gym Art Centre Wedding-Bride in wedding dress

The Wedding Ceremony – St Michael’s Church – Oxford Terrace

All the guests shuffled inside the Church at St Michael’s, and the Bride arrived right on time at 3 pm. Even I had a tear in my eye when Sarah walked up the aisle with her Dad.

I loved the way these guys included their families in the ceremony. Sarah’s brother did a reading, as did Aaron’s sister. They had Aunties sign the register with them, and Mum’s lit a candle together symbolising two families becoming one.

The Bridal Party Photos – Christchurch Botanical Gardens

Everything for this Christchurch wedding was within walking distance of each other so rather than getting into cars, the entire Bridal party walked from the church to the Botanic gardens along the river bank – making for some beautiful photos along the way.

We got to the gardens at just the right time – the lighting was perfect, warm and giving a gorgeous rim light.

The Gym Art Centre Wedding-Bride and groom walking along Avon river

Bride and bridesmaids in late warm afternoon sun at Botanical Gardens The Gym Art Centre Wedding-bride in late warm afternoon sun at Botanical Gardens

We worked our way around the gardens and back towards the entrance with some time to spare, so instead of heading to the reception venue early, we headed to a bar. There the bridal party had a few shots. We then walked from the bar to the Reception venue at the Gym in the Arts Centre.

The Gym Art Centre Wedding-Bride and groom feeling romantic in Botanical Gardens-Christchurch The Gym Art Centre Wedding-bridal party in front of popular large tree in Botanical Gardens-Christchurch The Gym Art Centre Wedding-Bridal party walking in line on a path in Botanical Gardens-ChristchurchThe Gym Art Centre Wedding-Bridal party take a shot of sambuca at local bar

The Wedding Reception – The Gym Venue – Art Centre

The wedding was one of the first weddings to take place at the recently re-opened Gym at the Arts Centre, and it is the perfect venue if you’re looking for something rustic/vintage with a touch of industrial.

A lot of effort had gone into the decorations, and a fantastic job was done to keep it the relaxed style Sarah and Aaron wanted. No formal sit down dinner – instead, food stations were set up, and a range of different tables and chairs were set up. It was truly beautiful.

The speeches even had me with tears in my eyes and also laughing hysterically. I always say it, but speeches truly show you how much the friends and family care for the Bride and Groom. We left everyone to party the night away, and from the photos, I’ve seen it sure looks like everyone did that partying.Dancing at Gym Arts Centre Wedding Venue with band Puree rocking stage

We had an incredible time with everyone, which made our job so easy. And even Aaron who doesn’t like photos lasted well, but I’m pretty sure he was happy when we said we were heading home.


Wedding Vendors:

Music –  Puree

Pip and Oz Photography – Wedding Photographers Christchurch

Wedding planning – Katekate Blaundell of Collectiveconcepts

Reception Venue – The Gym Arts Centre Wedding Venue