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Summer Garden – Country Wedding – Rosemount Estate Ohoka – Venue – Steph | Andrew

Rosemount Estate Wedding; Being back at Rosemount, was a bit of deja vu for me, Oz and I got married at Rosemount a week before these guys at the same venue and were lucky enough to also get ready at the same place – the girls that is.

Rosemount Estate Wedding-detail by Pip and Oz Wedding Photographers

Girls Getting Ready – Stoneleigh Lodge – Ohoka

Stoneleigh Lodge is one of the most incredible B & B’s I’ve ever set foot.

The girls took over the Atrium area next to the pool to get ready giving us plenty of good natural light for photographs.  The morning was a very relaxed one with the girls having some bubbles while having their hair and makeup.

Rosemount Estate Wedding-Bride stands in front of a mirror Rosemount Estate Wedding-bride getting into her wedding dress at Stoneleigh Lodge

Rosemount Estate Wedding-2 Flower girls looking out the window

Rosemount Estate Wedding-bride in wedding dress by stairs and front door in Ohoka

Boys Getting Ready – Sovereign Palms – Kaiapoi

I left Oz in charge of the girls while I took off to meet the boys in Sovereign Palms, Kaiapoi. I love this part of my job, I get to see the groom at his most nervous, but also get to help him put that to rest and watch his face light up when I tell him how incredible his bride to be is looking!

The boys organised themselves – all the suits hung in the lounge area ready to go. Once they were dressed, I took them into the backyard for some more photos and the arrival of the transport to Rosemount Estate. Steph had organised a surprise Helicopter, the boys all seemed quite excited at the idea of a chopper ride.

Boys getting ready at the groom's home in Sovereign Palms, Kaiapoi

Rosemount Estate Wedding-Boys waiting to get on to the helicopter

Ceremony – Rosemount Estate Wedding Venue Ohoka

Not to be outdone by the groom, Steph, her parents, the bridesmaids and the gorgeous flower girls arrived at Rosemount Estate in horse and cart.

The ceremony was heartfelt. There were some special moments along the way. Andrew and Steph released butterflies while Katie one of the bridesmaids read a poem. I loved how they involved their two wee girls as well.

I mentioned it in their engagement shoot blog – they had a puzzle made of the four of them, a piece for each of them and together they made the shape of a love heart that they put together during the ceremony. They have since had it framed, and it hangs in their lounge.

Rosemount Estate Wedding-bride with her parents and the bridesmaids in horse carriage

Rosemount Estate Wedding-Ceremony at Venue in Ohoka

 Bridal Party Photos – Mandeville Sports Grounds – Rosemount Estate – North Canterbury

Cricket is a big part of the couple’s lives, so it was important to them to involve this somehow into the bridal party photos. We took them down to Mandeville sports ground just 5 minutes from Rosemount, they brought along a bat and ball, and the whole bridal party including the bride in her fabulous dress got into it and played a short game of cricket.

These guys were playful – from the cricket; we moved onto the playground where we got everyone on the merry go round. Then after while we were taking photos of the bride and groom the bridal party made use of more of the playground.

We made a couple of shortstop on the way back to Rosemount. One on the road where I played car watch while Oz lay in the middle of the road. And the other in the driveway of Rosemount itself where there was the most incredible pocket of light coming through the trees. There are a lot of great locations and backdrops to use for photography on location at Rosemount.

So if you are short on time for bridal party photos, you could do them on location and save on the travel time.

Rosemount Estate Wedding-Bridal party enjoying a game of cricket in Ohoka

Rosemount Estate Wedding-bride and groom walking on a green field with umbrella Bride and groom holding hands on driveway at Rosemount Estate Wedding Venue in Ohoka Bride and groom dance under the trees at Rosemount Estate Wedding Venue in Ohoka

Reception – Rosemount Estate – Ohoka

Andrew and Steph were welcomed into the marque at Rosemount by Steph’s Nana.

Even though at the beginning of this I mentioned it felt a bit like deja vu but in saying that yes it was the same venue, but that was about it. I love that about weddings, you can go to the same venue over and over again, and every time it looks and feels so different! Steph had decorated the tables with birdcages, beautiful flowers and name placings of the photo of each guest.

There were some memorable speeches.

Football is another big part of their lives, but Andrew is a supporter of a different team than Steph’s family. So as a sign of Steph and the girls joining the Robertson family, and now being a supporter of a winning team, Andrew bought them all Man U shirts. But I’m personally with Steph’s family on this one, GO LIVERPOOL!!!

At the end of the night, we took Andrew and Steph out to get a couple of photos before we took off. At that point Steph realised we hadn’t had much of an opportunity to get the four of them all together in one photo, the girls had gone to sleep pretty much straight after the ceremony, so had missed out on the group photos.

We managed to get the girls in some photos before we said our good-bye and let the newlyweds get back to some serious partying into the night.

Rosemount Estate Wedding-silhouette of bride and groom at night

It was an honour to spend the day with Andrew and Steph, capturing their special moments and we wish them all the best in their new journey as husband and wife.

Feel free to leave your wishes for Andrew and Steph in the comments section below.

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Wedding Vendors:

Dress – Wilkins Bridal

Makeup – Jumee Wardlaw – Mac Products

Hair – Side Street Hair with Kathryn

Wedding Celebrant – David Adams

Band – Puree

Pip and Oz Photography – Wedding Photographers Christchurch

Catering – Kiwi Cuisine

Videography – Soul Reflections

Venue: Rosemount Estate Wedding Venue

Horse and Carriage – Rosemount Estate