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Rosemount Estate Wedding Venue – Ohoka

Rosemount Estate Wedding Venue holds a special place in both our hearts, this is where Pip and I got married.

There were a few reasons for choosing Rosemount Estate Wedding Venue for our wedding.
We wanted a venue that had space and a beautiful garden for our guests to enjoy. Having space meant our wedding guests could relax, have drinks and canapes and listen to some easy listening music while we went away for bridal photos.
We also wanted a venue with a lot of lawn space for the wedding guests to play and enjoy the lawn games we had organised for them. Rosemount Estate Wedding Venue provided that space.

Photo collage of Rosemount Estate Wedding Venue photos by Pip and Oz Wedding photographers Christchurch

We wanted a venue close to Rangiora, which is where Pip’s parents live. Pip’s dad Poppa Kev brewed all the beer for our wedding, and with Rosemount Estate Wedding Venue we could bring our home-brewed beer to the venue.

There were also on-site wedding photo locations at Rosemount Estate Wedding Venue; this meant we could stay closer to our guests and also meant we cut down on travelling time and got our bridal party photos done early.

As photographers, we loved the white marquee they have set up for the wedding reception. It makes it easy to light up and results in beautiful photos. 
The option of a band or DJ also appealed to us, and we brought in a band of our choice.

Every little girl’s dream is to arrive for their wedding on a horse-drawn carriage. Pip had the opportunity to live this dream as the bridesmaid, Poppa Kev and Pip arrived for the ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage. They offer this facility as an add at Rosemount Estate Wedding Venue, but I feel it’s well worth every penny for the experience the bride gets. 

Meris and Robin were so kind to us and made sure we had all we needed within their means. 
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