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New Brighton Pier-Beach Photography for Weddings and Engagements

New Brighton Pier-Beach Photography; The beach is perfect for photography shoots but can be bad for the cameras, especially if the sand gets into the moving parts of the camera or lens.

In saying that, caution and knowing the dos and don’ts of camera care while at the beach may help you protect your camera better.

couple walking on New Brighton Beach


• Don’t change lens in the open when it’s windy. You may not be able to see the fine grains of sand that may end up in your camera.

• Don’t put your camera down on the sand or grass.

• Don’t expose your camera to sea spray and if you do, have a cloth to wipe the camera dry.

• Don’t shoot in high crashing waves, they are very unpredictable.


• Do keep your camera a proper height away from the sand and water.

• Do take with you a bag to store your camera in when not in use.

• Do carry a small brush or blower to blow off sand and dust from your camera gear before putting it back into the camera bag. The last thing you want to do is have some sand in your camera case, and have it spread to all your other photography gear.

Enough about camera care.

Shooting at the beach

We love shooting at the beach because of the clean backgrounds that are at your disposal. The main elements yo will find at the beach are sand, water,  the sky and grasses, which are all within meters of each other.

Although the Christchurch weather may not be so forgiving, sunset and sunrise shoots can give rewarding photos and make it all worth while.

Our favourite time to shoot at the beach is at low tide because there is more wet sand to work with than at high tide. The wet sand can give some cool looking reflections which when coupled with a beautiful sunrise or sunset can result in stunning and colourful images photos.

On a sunny day, you can use the sand as a reflector to light up your subject/s.

The breeze at the beach can also provide another element for creativity. We love to shoot sheer fabric materials at the beach because of the wind and the towering dunes.

Sand-dunes offer clean backgrounds and when used in conjunction with the grasses can give photographs a unique creative angle.

The Pier

The New Brighton Pier adds another dimension to shoot around. The Pier has many elements that can be used backgrounds or provide texture in the images.

The only drawback with the Pier is that it can be kind of busy depending on the day and time you plan your shoot, so it may pay to visit the location beforehand to scope the site for events.

Despite the busyness of the location, there are always pockets of the area to take your subjects and have a shoot. Pay the beach a visit and scope the area for your ideal shooting spots.


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