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The Tannery Wedding Venue – Woolston – Christchurch

The Tannery Wedding Venue has an old school charm reminiscent of an old railway station.

The Tannery Wedding Venue gets its name from the origins of the building which back in the day was on of the many tanneries in the Woolston area.

Atrium view at The Tannery Wedding Venue, Woolston, Christchurch

Over the years some of the building on the block housing The Tannery, have been used for various businesses and as warehouses. 

In the more recent time, The Tannery was converted into a boutique shopping mall. Outside the Mall opening times, The Tannery Wedding Venue is home to functions such as fashion shows and weddings.

 As a wedding venue, The Tannery Wedding Venue offer ambience, hospitality and backdrops you will not find elsewhere in Christchurch. 

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